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Bad/ Dangerous Fever and Causes of High Fever in Babies

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When we feel that is our body is suffering with fever, first thought us to get rid of it.it is difficult to be relax about fever when it attacks our children. We are ready with drinks and cold shower. But fever or cold body temperature is an important part of our body’s defense against infection. When we are attacked by an invader, our body reacts by rising temperature. Sometimes temperature may be increase at a high degree than normal this would be dangerous. Most viruses and bacteria that causes infection.

There is a theory that our immune e system in fever works good in fever and fight against infection than a normal body temperature. It does not mean we ignore fever when it hits us and keep going. It is important to distinguish fever that requires urgent visit to doctor.

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Causes of high fever in babies

Fever in baby is a sign that your child is sick, fever alone is not a serious issue. A baby can have a high temperature and might be seriously ill. If the fever of your child is above then 100 your child should be examined to a doctor.

Reasons behind high fever

Reaction to a vaccination

Spending too much time in hot weather

Bacterial infection


They can do crazy things and don’t take enough rest.



Lack of interest in play

Poor sleeping time


Sensitivity to bright




Low appetite

Stomach pain/problem

Breathing problem


Continuously vomiting



Any of these symptoms together with a fever than see your doctor any time your temperature is higher than 103°F and long last three days. Doctor can examine the cause of bad or dangerous fever and prescribe proper treatment depending on the fever state.


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