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Infant sick

Although fever in baby is a sign that your child is sick, fever alone is not a serious issue. A baby can have a low temperature and might be seriously ill. But your child is under the age of three months and got the fever of 100 then your child should be examined to a doctor.

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having seizure

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refused to breastfeed


breathing problems



How can you tell that your child is suffering with fever?

Infants under the age of three months, fever are the sign that your child is fighting off infections.

First and foremost change in behavior during illness such as irritable.


A change in behavior usually the sign of your child’s illness.

In young infants fever is the only sign of serious infection.

If you observe that your child’s body temperature is raise from its normal body temperature then you should bring your child to doctor.


Measuring temperature under the armpit

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Place the bulb of the thermometer under your child’s armpit. You must be sure that the bulb of thermometer covered with armpit.

Wait for a while to take the reading from thermometer

The normal range of temperature taken under the armpit is 98 to 99.

Top infant illness.

Cold and symptoms

Infants usually get cold during their first year. Colds are caused by infections and your child have a low-grade fever, runny nose and sneezing.


If your children have such type of problem gives him or her shower of hot water for ten minutes. The steam will help to losses cognition.


RSV stands for “respiratory syntactical virus”. In this type of virus infants can be very serious. It can infect the bronchial.

You may hear your infant wheezing when he/she breaths. If RSV spread through the lungs, it can cause viral pneumonia.


Take your baby outdoor into damn night air for brief period.



Diarrhea refers to have bowel movement that are to frequent and lose.it is most often caused by virus.it can also be the result of infections and diarrhea.


Give your child a solid diet and keep track of your baby’s stool to doctor.











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