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Sign of dehydration in babies

It’s a harmful reduction of water from body. Dehydration happens when you do not have enough water in your body, According to its need. Due to dehydration body does not work properly. One can have severed type of dehydration depending how much fluid is missing from your body. It’s normal to lose water from your body. Every day through sweating, peeing, pooping and by spiting. We can easily fulfill the lower amount of water from our body by drinking juices and taking fruit containing water. If a person doesn’t do so then he can get dehydration.

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In children dehydration can be due to Vomiting, Physical activities, Diarrhea or Sweating in a hot day.

Here are some Sign of dehydration in babies.

Dry and sticky mouth.

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Few or no tears while crying.

Decreases of urine output.



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Dry skin.

Increase thirst.

Some toddlers may have dehydration because they do not drink enough water in whole day.

Such factors can also put your child in severe dehydration




Poor intake of water during an illness.


What do we give a child during dehydration?

Give fruit containing water

Soup and clear soda must add in diet

Continue regular diet

Use re-hydration drinks



Doctor can often diagnose dehydration on the biases of physical conditions. If you are in the state of dehydration your blood pressure will be lower as compare to normal level especially when you are moving from lying or standing position, heart beat becomes faster.

To confirm the dehydration you must have some tests like blood test or urinalysis. The best thing in treatment depends on age. Children who are severely dehydrated should be treated in hospitals.





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