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What is high fever?

Fever is a high body temperature. A temperature which is up to 102 Degree is helpful for body to fight against infections. Mostly adults and healthy children can easily tolerate the temperature of 99 to 100 Degree without any problem. As compare to adults children tend to have high temperature.


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What is consider fever?

Usually a temperature can be considered high, which is above the normal body temperature 98. A person does not consider having a significant fever until it does not reach to 104. Most fever is helpful to fight against infections.

Fever is to an illness by itself, but a symptom of underlying condition. Fever is usually associated with physical discomfort but most people feel better during treatment. But it depends on age, physical condition and underlying cause of fever. Usually, fever is not considered dangerous but hypothermia is the cause of high temperature.

This can due to heat injury such as heat stroke side effects of certain medication. In this state of fever, body is not able to control the body temperature.

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high body temperature
acute fever


Symptoms in fever.

In children, fever occupying symptoms such as Fussiness, Poor Appetite, Sore Throat, Cough and Diarrhea. These are important symptoms to rely to your doctor?

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Call your doctor, if your child is suffering with such fever.

  •  Look very sick.
  •  In drowsy or fussy.
  • Has weakened immune system or other medical problem.
  • Has a seizure.
  • Have other symptoms such as sore Throat, Headache, Stiff Neck or Earache.

How do you down a fever?

Place a wet cool cloth on patient’s forehead. Give a lukewarm tub bath stay in bed and keep hydrated and stay cool.

Seasonal Allergies (Hay Fever)
Seasonal Allergies (Hay Fever)
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